Can An HOA Deny Solar Panels In Florida

Can An HOA Deny Solar Panels In Florida

An HOA can’t deny the use of solar panels in Florida. The Florida Solar Rights Act is a good option if your HOA is not being cooperative. This legislation protects your rights to install solar energy systems and sets out the guidelines that an HOA must follow in order to place reasonable restrictions.

Florida Solar Rights Act

Florida Solar Rights Act, specifically CA Civil Code 714, prohibits HOAs to deny solar panel installations. The definition of a solar panel system is a device or feature that collects and stores solar energy to power electric generation, space heating, or water heating. This declaration is essential as it protects your entire installation from the HOA. Let’s now get to the details of any “reasonable restrictions” you may be interested in.

Restrictions may be placed

The Florida Solar Rights Act allows homeowner’s associations to place reasonable restrictions upon solar energy systems. However, they must not significantly increase the cost or decrease the efficiency or performance of the system. What does this mean?

Florida’s HOAs cannot impose any reasonable restrictions on solar energy systems that add more than $1,000 or reduce the efficiency by 10%.

Can HOAs restrict solar panels in Florida?

An HOA cannot restrict or deny solar panel installations in Florida, so the answer is “No.” HOAs can set reasonable parameters for solar panel installation. Your rights may be violated if your HOA tells you not to install your solar panel.

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