Should you buy a Stepover Apple Tree?

Should you buy a Stepover Apple Tree?

Chances are that most people do not realise just how many different types of apples and apple trees there really are. Of course, there are apple trees that produce apples of different colours, but what about apple trees that produce apples of different shapes and sizes? If you are interested in making your garden stand out among other gardens or you want to try your hand at caring for other apple trees than the standard ones that most people have in their yards, it might be worth looking into some of the more unique apple tree types. For instance, you may want to consider the idea of a stepover apple tree. When you choose to buy stepover apple trees, you will quickly realise that these trees are like no other apple trees.

What Are Stepover Apple Trees?

These apple trees have a unique name that comes from the fact that these trees are incredibly short when compared to other fruit-bearing trees. In fact, one could argue that stepover apple trees are more akin to shrubs or bushes than an actual tree. As you will notice when you plan to buy stepover apple trees in the UK, these trees are named after the fact that they often do not reach above a grown adult’s knees. This means that one can, quite literally, step over a stepover apple tree. If you do not have a lot space in your yard for a tall, full-bodied apple tree, it might be worth going to buy stepover apple trees so that you can still have a fruit-bearing tree in your yard but you also won’t have to worry about trying to make your way through a smaller yard to care for it.

Where Can You Find These Trees?

As you begin to learn more about stepover apple trees, you might begin to wonder if they can only be found at specialty garden centres. While very small, minimalistic centres may not have these unique and eye-catching apple trees, there’s a good chance that a reputable tree supplier may have some for you to purchase. For example, is one place, a website actually, where you can look if you want to buy stepover apple trees in the UK. Before you know it, your yard will have more space and you will have delicious apples to show for it as early as next season.