Avoid Expensive Roof Repairs

Avoid Expensive Roof Repairs

Roofs are your home’s first line of defense against the weather. It is important to take care of them. Roof leakage can cause irreparable damage. Leakage can cause irreparable damage if left unattended.

There are many roof leak scenarios that can be caused by the design and installation of the roof. It is important to be aware of their signs and how you can handle them.

The primary cause of roof leakage is the chimneys. There are many reasons. Sometimes the construction is poor, and sometimes the chimney and house are damaged by years of stress and temperature. These conditions can lead to water getting into the structure of your home through small cracks. Professional roofing contractors are recommended. Do not ask your best friend or cousin to do the roofing. Hire a professional. Chimney leaking can cause severe damage.

Wind-source water roof leakage can occur in almost every state in the United States, but Florida is a place where the winds bring with them heat, debris, and water. Winds blow water into roof areas like the underside or valleys. These are areas where the roof meets another roof plane. These are all reasons to use ice dam membranes and other products that have been successful in this area. The sunshine that Floridians enjoy is not free of cost, especially during hurricane season. Although there may not be a major hurricane, the weather in this area can produce dangerous and destructive winds.

Wall step flashing requires a keen eye to inspect these areas for damage, rust or wear. When a roof is placed alongside a wall, it is called wall step flashing. A step flashing is applied over each layer of shingles as they are being installed. One section of the flashing is placed on the wall, the other one covered by the next layer of shingle. These can become brittle and exposed to wear and tear and age. These areas could be the source of a leak. If so, it is important to get it fixed quickly.

Another source of potential leaks is the headwall flashings. Sometimes, the roof will stop at the wall during construction. The head wall flashing is used to send water down the wall, not at the connecting point of the roof’s tiles. Depending on the situation, flashing can be installed in a variety of ways. This is a complex job that requires a professional roofer. They will know which type of flashing you have, and if it has been damaged to allow water in.

Roofs require regular maintenance and examination. If not addressed early, roof leaks can lead to structural collapse.

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