What Paint Should You Use In A Dark Room?

What Paint Should You Use In A Dark Room?

The master bedroom is dark and lacks natural light, which makes it feel dark and depressing. You don’t like the feeling of being in a cramped, darkened living room. What can you do, aside from a complete redesign to allow in more natural light?

Paint magic is possible! For tips on choosing the right paint color for your dark space, read this article.

Avoid white

Yep. Although this is against our natural instincts, white does not suit a dark space. White reflects natural light. White won’t reflect any natural light if there isn’t enough. It can make the space feel darker.

Warm-Toned Neutrals are a good choice

Brighten dark spaces with warm-toned neutrals Stay medium and avoid choosing dark tones.

Keep in mind that there is not much light in a dark room that can reflect the color you have painted on the wall. You will need to choose colors that are richer in color, but with less black at the base. In a dark space, brighter colors will be your friend.


A dark room can feel brighter with yellow. It can brighten up dark rooms by adding white accents and artificial light.


Lavender is a simple and effective color. It comes in a range of shades that can be used to suit different tastes, including masculine, feminine, playful, and serious. Warm tones add light to dark rooms. The impact of lavender will be greatly affected by the accessories and accent colors. You can keep it modern in your master bedroom by using gray and white accents and furniture, or you can make it more playful in the room for your children with pastels.


Although it may seem counterintuitive, the effect of brown in a room with little natural light can be quite powerful. Warm chocolate brown walls create a cozy feeling. Do you feel that brown walls are too many? Pick one accent wall and keep the rest of your room light: pale floors, light furniture and light accents.

Powder Blue

Blue is versatile and brings calmness to any space. This color is soothing and calm, and makes you feel at ease and secure. It adds brightness to dark spaces that are lacking natural light.


You can brighten up any space with pink, whether you want it to be feminine or masculine or neutral.


A light gray, or a gray with some color at the base, can brighten up dark rooms. Avoid dark grays as they can make the space feel drab.

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