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How to Prevent a Spider Infestation in Your Boise Home.

While the majority of Boise’s spiders are harmless, a select handful could do serious harm to you and your loved ones. Venomous bites from black widows and brown recluses can be quite dangerous. A skilled Boise pest control service can assist you identify the spider species you’re up against.

When it comes to spiders, not all are created equal.

Some spiders in our area, as we’ve already discussed, can be dangerous to your loved ones’ well-being. The bites of black widows and brown recluses are particularly deadly because of the severity of the symptoms they produce.

Nausea, muscle spasms, and trouble breathing are some of the reactions to a black widow bite. A brown recluse bite might bring chills, high temperatures, and sickness. Spider bites are dangerous and even fatal. Seek emergency medical assistance if you or a family member have been bitten by what you believe to be a … Read More