Cracked wall? Don’t leave it alone.

Cracked wall? Don’t leave it alone.

Apart from being unsightly, cracked walls that are not immediately dealt with can cause other damage that can threaten your residential structure, If not resolved soon, cracked walls will creep up and create cracks in the walls, and can be a source of rainwater seeping. So that your walls don’t crack, you need to know the cause of the cracked walls first. In most cases, cracked walls occur because the wall plaster is not completely dry and has been whitewashed with ACI. As a result, the moisture content in the plaster is covered by waterproof cement. In essence, when doing the action, you must pay attention to the level of drought. The process of working in a hurry would cause many losses. The Process of Overcoming Cracked Walls Easily.

1. Clean the surface of the paint first

Before starting the process of overcoming a cracked wall, you must clean the wall so you can start the next step without having to be interrupted.Use a wet cloth rag and wipe the surface of the wall, making sure the nails and mold that are blocking the wall repair process have been removed.

2. Polish the walls with sandpaper

After cleaning the surface of the paint, use coarse sandpaper so that the walls are visible. Then, wipe again with a wet cloth so that dust is raised and the wall becomes moist.

3. Use a wall filler on a cracked wall

If the two steps have been taken, now is the time for you to repair the wall. Use a special cement called wall filler and apply it on the cracked wall, and wait for the wall filler material to dry before taking the next step.

4. Apply plain paint

To overcome the cracked wall completely, rub the wall with plain paint. Unlike ordinary wall paint, paint does not function to color plain walls, but to flatten walls and become the base of a wall before being colored again with paint. This stage is important to ensure the wall covering is strong and will not crack again.

5. Finishing touch

The last step to overcome cracked walls is to sand the walls so that the surface becomes smoother. Then don’t forget to coat it again with paint so that the wall looks smooth and perfect again. After reading the tips to overcome cracked walls, hopefully, cracked walls in your home can be closed and look neat again. Good luck!