Choosing the Perfect Conference Table for Your Workspace

Choosing the Perfect Conference Table for Your Workspace


The conference table is at the center of your office, designed to boost productivity and collaboration. More than just furniture, it’s a place where your team can gather for brainstorming sessions.

Classic Bar Tables

This traditional design provides a large, shared space perfect for collaboration. Designed to have all participants face each other, there’s ample room for laptops, discussions, and note-taking. These tables are versatile and can be arranged to suit any meeting style.

There are many shapes and sizes of boardroom tables, including:

  • Rectangular Conference Tables: Very versatile, used for various meeting sizes, and tend to be more formal.
  • Oval Conference Tables: A mix of formal and collaborative, these tables have softer lines but may lose space due to rounded corners.
  • Racetrack Conference Tables: Similar to oval tables but longer and more streamlined, offering a sophisticated look.
  • Round Conference Tables: Ideal for small groups, creating a collaborative and intimate environment.
  • Square Conference Tables: Great for smaller meetings, especially when space is limited.

Modular Tables

Some conference tables are modular, allowing customization to organizational needs. These typically come in rectangular shapes and can be arranged for a classic boardroom appearance. Other popular modular designs include:

  • Classroom Conference Tables: Perfect for seminars with a keynote speaker, suitable for learning environments and available in sizes that support independent work or collaboration.
  • Horseshoe Conference Tables: Ideal for seminars with a speaker in the center, facilitating engagement and conversation among participants.
  • Banquet Conference Tables: These tables are best for smaller groups as they enhance group discussions and team-building activities.

Conference Tables Made of Reclaimed Wood

As businesses become more eco-conscious, the choice of conference tables expands. While many options are affordable and offer quick solutions, they often use non-recyclable materials that can break easily. Opting for tables made of reclaimed wood can be a sustainable choice that also impacts the planet positively.

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