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Category: Home Interior Design Ideas

What Paint Should You Use In A Dark Room?

The master bedroom is dark and lacks natural light, which makes it feel dark and depressing. You don’t like the feeling of being in a cramped, darkened living room. What can you do, aside from a complete redesign to allow in more natural light?

Paint magic is possible! For tips on choosing the right paint color for your dark space, read this article.

Avoid white

Yep. Although this is against our natural instincts, white does not suit a dark space. White reflects natural light. White won’t reflect any natural light if there isn’t enough. It can make the space feel darker.

Warm-Toned Neutrals are a good choice

Brighten dark spaces with warm-toned neutrals Stay medium and avoid choosing dark tones.

Keep in mind that there is not much light in a dark room that can reflect the color you have painted on the wall. You will need to choose colors … Read More