What Factors Determine Your Florida Roof’s Lifespan?

What Factors Determine Your Florida Roof’s Lifespan?


It is crucial to choose the right roof for Florida. You want it to last for as many years as possible. A roof must work harder in Florida because of the subtropical, humid climate in the north and south and the tropical climate in southern Florida. These climates produce wet and dry seasons. It’s not unusual for Florida residents to encounter thunderstorms or cyclones during the rainy season. This can be very damaging to a roof. The climate can get extremely hot and dry during the dry season. This is why your Florida roof should be strong and durable.

These three factors will help you determine how long your roof will last.

  • Climate

To give an idea of the severity of weather patterns in a state, its climate is monitored over many years. Over the years, Florida has been the site of many natural disasters. It also experiences periods of intense heat and high moisture, which can cause roof damage.

  • Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your roof lasts longer, even if it was installed by a professional roofing professional with great credentials and the right skills. It’s not possible to have a high-quality roof installed and then sit back and enjoy it for the next ten years. Regular maintenance is essential if your roof is to last for many years.

Your roof’s lifespan could be greatly reduced if you fail to keep it in good condition and make repairs promptly after severe weather.

  • Materials

This is not only about the material used to make your Florida roof, but also its quality. It will make your roof last longer if it is made from better quality materials. However, not cutting corners in the installation process can also make a big difference in its longevity. While you might think you are saving money by choosing the lowest-priced roofing contractor, in the long-term, the potential damage and replacement costs that could be incurred due to poor or unprofessional installation will likely exceed the initial investment.

Old Time Roofing is an experienced roofing company that will help you choose the right type of roofing material for your Florida home. Regular maintenance should be done every year. Professional repairs should also be made.

This advice will ensure that your Florida roof lasts longer.

This post was written by Ted Williams! Ted is the owner of A Old Time Roofing which offers Roofing Contractors In Clearwater FL! Ted is a Master Elite Weather Stopper GAF Roofing Contractor, a double award winner of Best Steep-Slope Contractor from GAF and achiever of Master Elite Consumer Protection Excellence from GAF. He has been serving the Pinellas County area since 1978. Old Time Roofing has a tradition of quality workmanship, servicing residential and commercial properties.