Tips for Buying a Home: 7 Signs of the Location of Your Home Is Not Good

Tips for Buying a Home: 7 Signs of the Location of Your Home Is Not Good

When you buy a house, of course you want a good location. However, it could be contradictory instead. There are seven signs that your home location is indeed bad. Location, location, location. Usually this is what buyers are looking for when they want to buy a house. Your house may be close to schools, hospitals, supermarkets, toll roads, and others. But, actually there are some other signs that the location of your home should be avoided. property site presents seven signs that the location of your home is bad.

First, too many homes are for sale. If there are one or two houses for sale that is normal, but if in one street or one block, there are many homes for sale, it is a sign of danger.You should note that the crime rate in this region is increasing so people choose to leave.

Second, the number of children enrolling in schools is too small. Surely you want to get your sons and daughters to the best school. But if the school you are aiming for even has a small number of students, you must be vigilant. Is the school really bad?

Third, there is a heavy industry near housing. If there is an industry located near housing, you should avoid it. If the industry is not classified as heavy, it can still be understood. Another case if the heavy industry with the potential for air and water pollution. Wow, it’s better not to buy a house near here.

Fourth, too many shops are closed. Can you imagine if you want to find something, but there are no minimarkets, boutiques, restaurants or cafes that are open? If many stores are closed, it means that residents have financial difficulties to shop. They also don’t have the funds to take care of the house. The effect will be bad for the environment.

Fifth, all houses of the same type. Usually development companies do provide limits not to change the facade. However, what happens if you can’t change the color of the paint, add other elements such as chairs, parks, and others. Wow, it’s not fun if the house is the same as the neighbors.

Sixth, there is no parking lot. Of course you want to have a house with a garage and carport, plus a parking area in front of the house. However, it might not be yes. You should, you should think of a parking space for you, your partner, and also guests. What happens if there are guests confused about where to park.

Seventh, the environment is not treated. You can’t imagine if you live in a chaotic environment. If the neighbors don’t pay attention to the surrounding environment, this is your homework. Do you want to live in a complex like this?