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Beautiful Kitchen Backsplashes 11 Photos

Think beyond the first capabilities of the kitchen and think about how it can seamlessly lengthen into the opposite areas of your home. When a couple of rooms spill into the kitchen, it’s time to create a balanced circulate, which could be achieved with a cohesive and simplified color palette.

Blue Kitchen

Not solely is hanging your pots and pans on the wall an answer for a scarcity of square footage, however the trick also adds a graphic factor to the environment. Don’t imagine it if somebody says you can’t make area for all of your cookware in the kitchen.

The equipment-free island was created from a stainless steel and butcher block workspace purchased at a restaurant-supply store, then coated on three sides with plywood. Rich and Linda Peters wanted to preserve and improve the architectural style of their 1929 San Mateo home whereas opening … Read More