Applying a Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Design

Applying a Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Design

Modern minimalist home exterior design is a review of various examples of minimalist style exterior home designs. Not only the interior of the house that needs to be arranged properly to make it comfortable. But the exterior of the house is also very important to arrange attractively. If the exterior of the house is left as it is without being given a neat design touch, of course people will conclude that all parts of your house are like the exterior of your house, that is, they are not well organized. The exterior of the house is important to arrange so that you and your family feel comfortable at home. The following is a modern minimalist home exterior design, including the following:

Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist House Shape

The shape of the house is the first thing to consider when designing the house you are going to build. The concept of a minimalist home is the theme of your dream home. The form of a minimalist house like what you want all depends on your desires and tastes. Home materials also contribute to determining the shape of your minimalist home. After you determine the shape of the house that suits you, then one part of your home’s exterior design is complete. As a reference for you, the shape of a minimalist house with glass material in front of the house can be your choice and make your home’s exterior look attractive.

Minimalist House Terrace

Another part of the exterior of a minimalist house that must be considered so that it is neatly arranged is the terrace of a minimalist house. Maximize the function of your minimalist home terrace by going through the design that you apply. For example by placing some beautiful chairs and flower pots on the terrace of your minimalist home. The terrace of your minimalist home will not only look attractive, but will also make you feel at home there, even if it’s just to sit and enjoy your outdoor environment.

Minimalist Home Garden

Minimalist home garden is part of the next house exterior that must be considered. In general, minimalist home gardens carry the concept of a dry garden. Dry here does not mean the garden is barren because of drought. But always apply green grass to the garden soil so it doesn’t get muddy in the rainy season, it looks dry and neat. In addition, a minimalist home garden incorporates natural elements into its design. Namely by placing natural stones as paths in a garden or water in a fish pond made in a minimalist garden area. A minimalist garden also doesn’t apply too many plants, even green grass is enough.